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A new set of tools packaged up in a sell-side research offering to help you anticipate and better understand what drives token prices across crypto.

Proprietary Models
Original Research
Onchain and Offchain Analysis
Easy to Understand


Become ready for the future

We Break Down What Moves Price.

Models tuned to
predict price

Developed from JLabs
Digital’s token framework

The team went from theory to practice to create something missing from the market - a tool to better understand what news events or upgrades mean for price.

Leaning on a team
with 50+ years of
crypto experience

Distilled data across
onchain and offchain

Find out more about the models and framework
behind our token ratings and read a free sample report

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Meet our experts.

Token Ratings Report is created by Head of Research and Managing Partner, Ben Lilly. He has more than a decade of crypto experience, has been cited by every major crypto publication, is followed by Wall Street trading firms, creator of Quality Token Theory, founder of multiple businesses, Editor of Espresso, and frequent guest of xChanging Good.

Ben produces Token Ratings Reports with the help of his research team, led by Senior Analyst Kodi. Kodi hails from a background in spacecraft design, which has helped him become a token design specialist. He also leads team efforts on designing new onchain metrics and improving the models that power our Token Ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a new report around the middle of each month and gain access to all prior reports. Users can also request access to the metrics. They can view this time-series via PANDA and generate one’s own signals and strategies using PANDA IQ.
The cost is per individual. If you have multiple individuals accessing the report, please reach out to askus@jlabsdigital.com to have that set up. There is a minor cost associated with adding other subscribers from your organization. We do this to reduce users sharing their credentials.
The JLabs team focuses in on layer-one ecosystems with this report. In doing so, we discuss what trends are beginning to develop in each network, which helps readers uncover future hotspots of opportunity. The idea here is to know what is the major narrative or fundamentals driving success, and to discuss what is driving that success. It’s a unique perspective, but needed in that most research products fall short of understanding what factors are driving a token’s price.
JLabs Digital does consulting on a case by case basis. Our services are bespoke in that each clients needs are unique. We are experienced in quant services, token design, autonomous execution, and more. Reach out at askus@jlabsdigital.com if you have an inquiry.

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